The Charter Of The French Dissidence

I. The French Dissidence is the fellowship of fighting Men standing among the ruins. Our movement is the one of this rebellious generation, which made the choice of the reconquest and not the individualistic resignation, the movement of those who intend to defend their heritage, facing the offensives of capitalism, modernity, and cosmopolitan internationalism.

II. Against the bourgeois mentality and far from materialistic promises of a sinking world, we intend to embody the aristocratic idea of transcendence, good behaviour, exemplary nature and absolute intransigence. Drawing from its roots and its radicalism, the French Dissidence strives in the construction of an Order based on the allegiance to principles ; hierarchy ; concentric organisation ; vocation and oath.

III. Against the republic of parties, Masonic lodges and lobbies, we advocate the restoration of the sovereign State, independent from foreign influences and democratic inconstancies, which will guarantee the national unity, the protection of our millennial civilization, and the ethno cultural identity of the French population.

IV. Against the cosmopolitan ideology and the globalist strategy of dissolution of races and nations, the French Dissidence is opposed to mass immigration, free trade, and militates for the urgent restoration of the national borders. Faithful to the doctrine of Blood and Soil, we defend the right for every population to possess its own land, we fight against foreign interference and racial supremacy under all its forms.

V. Against modern totalitarianism and the liberal-libertarian ideology, against the consumerist alienation and the individualism of market, against the systematic deconstruction of the structures and the traditional institutions, the French Dissidence calls for an anthropological revolt drawing from the sacred and the transcendence, embodied in the Alliance of Faith, spearhead of our crusade against the modern world.

VI. Against the thalassocratic forces transforming the world into darkness, against the International of Merchants who intend to substitute having to being, loyal to the idea of Imperium, the French Dissidence promotes the idea of a continental resistance, rooted both in geopolitics and in term of civilisation, and joins the Eurasist process.


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